Someone Else's Fairytale (Someone Else's Fairytale #1) by Emily Mah Tippets

Someone Else's Fairytale (Someone Else's Fairytale #1) - E.M. Tippetts

I was actually debating giving this book 5 stars, but I let it sit (and my excitement simmer down) and I'm giving it 4.5. This book was in no way the best thing ever written, but the feels it gave me while reading make up for it's high rating.

Someone Else's Fairytale begins with Chloe and her friends, Matthew and Lori, heading down to the college campus to become extras on a film being filmed in their area. The film stars current heartthrob, Jason Vanderholt, who is actually from that area. Jason meets Chloe in line, where she is of course completely unfazed by his celebrity status. Over a brief conversation, Chloe finds out that Jason has connections to her family - connections she doesn't want to talk about.

Needless to say, Jason finds Chloe's lack of interest in Hollywood refreshing. A friendship, mostly via Skype, ensues. Meanwhile, while all this is happening, Matthew (Chloe's best guy friend) suddenly starts exhibiting signs of jealousy.

Now here was where I started to get nervous. Chloe didn't have any...and I mean any interest in Jason and with Matthew's sudden interest, I was really confused as to who she would end up with. Jason - who we've come to know (and in my case, love). Or Matthew - who we had hardly seen any of up until now.

My one problem was Chloe's attitude at times. I get that she wants to be independent, and more power to her. In YA, female leads hardly ever actually stand up for themselves or what they believed in. But there were times when I just wanted to be like, ACCEPT THE DAMN GIFTS!

This book explores the concept of friendship before love so fluidly. And Chloe's background story, as dramatic as it seemed tied all together, the way the author weaved it through the story, just made the story that much tighter. Yes, parts were extremely cheesy, but I loved every second of it. And I cannot wait until the sequel!