Of Poseidon - Anna Banks This was definitely a book where the cover sold me - even before I knew what it was about. But can you blame me? Have you seen it? It's beautiful!

I had reservations about reading this because of some of the reviews that I had read on here. Maybe it was because I had such low reservations going in, but I enjoyed this book. It wasn't amazing and it had it's faults, but I was entertained and I kept turning the page.

I liked Emma - but she was a walking contradiction. And I felt that the suthor switched her personality too much. One moment she had personality and actually questioned things that were going on around her. She had spunk and stood up to Galen when he was being an ass...which was often. She is a character who found out something life changing about herself, and instead of sulking and or panicking, she choose to explore it and to learn and try to grow. Then the next...where she's just this blushing mess who let's Galen walk all over her. Oh and the sulking...

Galen, oh Galen. How I both liked and loathed his character at the same time. He was your typical YA male lead, handsome, every girl wants him, etc... Another thing about Galen - he's controlling. Like extremely. What I did like about him was I felt his character grew as the book progressed. He was confused and out a place - literally a fish out of water. He's still hot headed and demanding, but I felt that Emma helped calm him and show him to relax. But seriously, the controlling needs to stop. You are not God.

The side characters were interesting as well. I loved Toraf. He stole the book for me to be honest. He was the comic relief of the book and I looked forward to seeing him. Galen's sister, Rayna, however, I had issues with. Her character just did not seem very consistent to me. She went from hate to love to hate to jealousy to love to like...I don't even know. It's hard to describe her character when every chapter she's someone different. And as for Emma's mom, she just confused me. She was like a walking contradiction with her rules and parenting of Emma.

And while I don't mind multiple POV's, I am not a fan of when it switches from 1st person to 3rd person. This was confusing as hell and really took me out of the book. I most likely will continue the series because I always just need to know where people end up lol.