Nobody's Damsel - E.M. Tippetts 3.5

This series, to me, is cotton candy sweet. I fell in love with the first one not because it was earth shattering, jaw dropping, or any of those heart stopping type books. No, this was pure happiness. Plain and simple.

Now that Chloe and Jason (swoon) are together, they are trying to figure out how to balance their lifes. Jason's still the most sought after actor around while Chloe just wants to go unnoticed and do her work. Unfortunately, being married to one of Hollywood's finest doesn't allow you the luxury of privacy.

Nobody's Damsel wasn't on the same adorable level that Someone Else's Fairytale was. I still really enjoyed it but it didn't have the same magic. I found myself a little annoyed with Chloe and her stubborness. I get being strong and independant, but at the same time, you're in a marriage which is a partnership, treat it as such. And then there was Jason. He was still adorable as ever, but there was a nice little chunk in the middle where I didn't really see the point in where the author went playing him up like he could possibly be cheating does not follow anything this character had done prior.

I've heard there's going to be a third and I will be anxiously awaiting it. A normal girl getting the Hollywood's like my dreams are now in book form :)