Dead to the World - Charlaine Harris I think this might have been my favorite of the series so far. Why, do you ask? Two words.

No. Bill.

Well, more like hardly any Bill.

I'm sorry for all the Bill fans out there, but I just find him extremely boring and whiny. So the break was very welcome. Another reason why this book was better than the others:

More Eric.

And I mean, a lot of Eric. And he was kind of adorable with his little amnesia-riddled brain.

I still just can't find it in myself to give these books higher than a 3 star rating. I still have the same problems as I had with the other ones. I don't feel connected to the main character, I actually find her internal dialogue annoying. Also, I kind of hate books where every male character that gets introduced immediately is in love with the main character. Why????? I understand one or two guys fighting for a girl...maybe even three, but seriously? Sookie has like 6 or something.

So more Eric and more Jason, those would make these books better.