Club Dead  - Charlaine Harris I'm honestly giving this book 2 stars mostly because of the LOL's it gave me. This series has to be one of the corniest things I've ever read. I can't take any of it seriously. Am I actually supposed to feel real emotions reading this? I'm honestly asking.

Club Dead finds Sookie off on a mission to save Bill - her vampire lover who has pretty much left her for his old lover, even though his old lover ended up torturing him. Still, once a cheater and all... My first question, why would you even want to save Bill? Especially when you have an Alicide right there with you. But her name is Sookie, and she doesn't make good choices.

So on her mission to "save" Bill, she ends up almost getting killed (color me shocked). Then Eric is there, ready to take her away. Why are we still trying to save Bill? Oh yeah, her name is Sookie and she doesn't make good choices.

Throw in jealous werewolf exes, some really bad (not badass, just bad) assassins, plus Elvis, I mean Bubba, the vampire and this just hit a level of ridiculousness that I can't even comprehend. Thank God for the side characters, because I really can not stand Sookie and Bill.

Oh and HBO, thank you for making it your own.