The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead While I thought Bloodlines was a terrific start to this new series, Golden Lily surpassed it. Done is the initial set up between Sydney and every one. We can finally get down to the issues.

Golden Lily picks up a little bit after Bloodlines ends. Sydney is confused on her feelings towards the Dhampirs and Moroi. Her training as an Alchemist have taught her not to trust them, but that's exactly what she finds herself doing. Her upbringing and morals are challenged here and she's foreced to make a decision. Does she go against everything she was taught when a Moroi she knows well is kidnapped?

I love how the author explored Sydney's internal struggle. She struggles not only with her duty to her people, but also with her duty to herself. Should she really be dating when she's supposed to be protecting Jill? Can she have friends and a social life while also serving her purpose?

All of our favorite characters are back, with a few introductions to new people - such as Sydney's 'boyfriend'. Seeign Sydney in normal dating situations is hilarious as she has no idea what to do.

And we can't forget the reason I migrated to this series - Adrian. God I love him. I like how in this series Adrian is getting the chance to grow and we're seeing that in every decision he makes. Especially here. We also get to see how blind Sydney actually is.

The ending made me squee, then made me go 'oh Sydney...". A great follow-up and I can't wait to read the next one.