Black is for Beginnings - Laurie Faria Stolarz ...

I don't even know.

This book shouldn't even exist. It did nothing except tie everything up all pretty with no real substance. Honestly, I felt like I was reading an Archie comic. Like the tales of Betty & Veronica. And these characters, no way in hell are they college students. They are twelve...seriously.

Over half of this book was information we already knew, just now it was accompanied by horrible artwork. I did giggle at the 'Presenting Tim' page...oh the cowboy hat. And is it weird that I kind of want a pizza place where they serve you in a jail cell? Kind of a cool idea.

To call this part of the series is ridiculous. Overall, all of this information could have been added to the last book in a short an epilogue or something. But to make it an entire "book" was pointless.