Pretty - Jillian Lauren This book was interesting, but also very depressing. The story opens with Bebe and her boyfriend, Aaron getting involved in a serious car crash - one that leaves her hands and legs severely scarred and Aaron dead. Fast forward one year later and Bebe is living in a halfway house working toward her cosmetology license.

She's pretty much just existing in life, not really living. She has a unique set of friends who all have problems of their own and she's dating a guy who thinks he's Jesus. While the book was well written, I found it hard to really get into Bebe's psyche. For the most part, she was refusing to live and was constantly focused on a past and a missed out future. It isn't until she gets pregnant that she "wakes up". Well, wakes up enough to realize that her life's a mess and tries to kill herself which doesn't work and that's when her moment of clarity happens.

As I read this, I couldn't think of how this could possibly end. There wasn't a real plot, it was more like a page from her life so I was very interested in seeing where the journey ended. And truthfully, when I read the last page, it didn't seem like it was over. In a way, it left me a little unfulfilled.

Good story, interesting array of character.