Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion A book told from the POV of a zombie. Considering I didn't think zombies could have a coherent thought, this book intrigued me. And from the very beginning it hooked me. I never thought life from the view of a zombie could be so...interesting.

"R" is our main zombie. He lives in an airport terminal with other of his kind and, yes, eats people...people's brains more specifically. And in this world, when a zombie consumes a human brain, they briefly experience certain memories of their victim. When our boy R ingests part of human Perry's brain...well, something happens and R starts to change.

I'm just going to say it, I loved R. Yes, I loved a zombie. There was just something so endearing about him. His personality and his willingness to want to learn, to want to change is very endearing.

So why then did I give it 3 stars? For the last half of the book. I loved the idea of the undead changing, possibly reverting to more humanlike creatures. But that's where the love ends. The ending seemed very overlooked, I think that's the word I'm going for. IDK, I honestly didn't understand what was happening. It was like BOOM this happened, BOOM this happened, but not really an explanation of how this happened or was happening.

I liked how the book ended on a note of hope, even though I have no idea how we got there.