A cutesy little story

On the Fence - Kasie West
  This book was just what I needed. A light, cute, fun read.

Charlie is a tomboy. Growing up in a household with 3 brothers (4 if you include the neighbor boy, Braden) and no mother will do that to you. She loves every sport and plays every sport. There is not a girlie bone in her body. When she's forced to get a job at a local boutique after racking up some speeding tickets, she slowly gets pulled into the world of fashion and make-up and starts discovering her feminine side.

But that's the problem. How can she hide this side from her brothers who will surely ridicule her to no end? Instead, Charlie becomes two people: the "girl" while at work and the "tomboy" at home. But things start bleeding over, especially when Charlie brings home a date. Soon she's forced to decide which part of her is the real "Charlie" and what if it's both?

This was my first read from West and I enjoyed it. Yes, it had romantic elements but the focus was more on family. I loved scenes with her brothers (Gage in particular). They were hilarious and I believed that this family loved each other and would protect each other at any cost. Good thing the dad's a cop, right? And speaking of the dad, I liked how the author showed his struggle on how to raise a teenage girl. This was a family that worked.

But it is a YA romance, so of course there's a boy. Well,actually there's two. There's the one who she met while trying out this "girl" thing, then there's the one she's known since she was a child and who she has conversations in the middle of the night through the backyard fence with. Both were good guys, but one guess who my pick was. Yup, Braden. The boy next door. Her other brother. I adored Braden and was also amused at his jealousy. But aside from being the perfect choice for Charlie, I also loved how he was already part of the family. I could see the friendships between them all.

After reading this I am definitely interested in more from this author. Sometimes we just need these feel-good books.

I received an e-copy of this book from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.