The Iron Traitor (The Iron Fey: The Call of the Forgotten #2) by Julie Kagawa

The Iron Traitor  - Julie Kagawa

Poor Ethan Chase. All he wanted was to be rid of the Sight and the Fey world, but once again, he finds himself sucked back into the Nevernever, surrounded by those that he hates all in the name of family. At the end of the Lost Prince, we learned about the Forgotten – the fey who time has forgotten and have since started to fade from existence. However, instead of fading, this group of Forgotten have taken to draining Fey of their glamour in order to survive. Ethan and his half-fey/half-human cousin, Keirran, put a stop to this, but at what cost?

In the Iron Traitor, Keirran, is missing. Ethan journeys back into fairyland with Kenzie to look for his cousin. Along the way, he gets help from our good ole friend, Grimalkin (who I absolutely love). Turns out Keirran is on a mission – a mission to save the Summer Fey that he is in love with. Ethan and Kenzie join Keirran on his quest and this is where everything goes wrong.

For those of you who have read Iron Prophecy understand why Keirran and Ethan should have never met in the first place. It is in this book that we finally realize why.

I just adore Kagawa’s writing. This world is so full of life, so unbelievably real that you cannot help but feel the emotions along with Ethan as he struggles with himself and with his family. Kagawa has creted characters that jump off the page at you and refuse to be ignored, and I am glad that we’re still seeing the old favorites from the Iron Fey series. Puck and Ash have one of my favorite bromances of all time and I just squeal with delight when they make appearances in this series. And I have a newfound love for Razor – that damned little gremlin has weaseled his way into my heart.

But I’m not going to lie, I think my heart belongs with Keirran. I know there is something so broken and wrong with him (especially after that ending!!), but I can’t help it. There is something about him that draws me in. But that boy is pure trouble. His mind is so far twisted that I do not know how he can come back from the ending.

And speaking of ending… umm, excuse me, Julie, but what was that?? How can you just leave it there?? Nothing about that is okay. And I don’t wait very well…