Summer's Crossing (Iron Fey #3.5) by Julie Kagawa

Summer's Crossing - Julie Kagawa

A novella told from Puck's point of view? Sign me up!

I really enjoyed this one and possibly because of the change of view. We finally get to see into the minds of the boys - well, at least one of them. Throughout the first three books, Puck is the best friend, the comrade, the sidekick. He makes jokes, he laughs, he pulls pranks...but that's all on the surface. Deep down he's dealing with the fact that the girl he loves is in love with his best friend. A best friend who has taken a sworn oath to kill him.

I'm glad Kagawa let us see this glimpse into Puck. He's one of my fave characters and as much as I love Ash, I don't want Puck to get hurt. And I'm also secretly hoping for a Puck/Ash bromance reunion cause I can see the breadcrumbs leading us there.

Onto book 4!