Jake and the Other Girl - Emmy Laybourne If this was supposed to endear Jake to me, it didn't work.

Here we find the real reason why Jake never came back to the Greenway. He leaves to go find out if the hospital is still running, however, when he gets there, he finds a wall of missing persons and notes to loved ones. And amidst all of that, he sees a picture of a girl he used to sleep with. A 15 year old girl. He's 18. But it's okay because he brought her candy every time.


So, after seeing this picture he decides that the pressure of going back to the Greenway is too much and he's going to go find this girl because as he puts it "...if there was anyone who could get him up again, it was Lindsay Morrow. Just seeing her body in her bathing suit on the photo has almost done it for him.".

She's 15!! And your friends (and girlfriend, might I add) are trapped back in the supermarket and all you're thinking about is getting laid.

Congratulations, Jake Simonsen. You are a douche.