The Magician  - Michael Scott The Magician picks up right where the Alchemyst ended. Flamel, Scatty, and the twins have just traveled through a ley line from Ojai, CA to Paris to escape the evil Dr. Dee. But because since nothing can go right for this group, one of the Dark Elder's servants, Niccolo Machiavelli, is there waiting for them.

I found the Magician to be much more fast paced then the Alchemyst. We were introduced to some more charactere, and more information was finally revealed (like how Flamel and his wife can't seem to make a potion with the Codex that they've been making for hundreds of years!). I loved the introduction of Saint Germain and his wife, Joan (good one there Scott). I found that I really enjoyed Sophie here. She's growing up and understanding and learning what her powers can do, what she can do.

What I didn't like was Josh. I don't blame this on the writer, I'm pretty sure he captured the immaturity and sibling rivalry between 15-year old twins quite well. Josh, just in general, drove me nuts. His whole "woe is me" attitude, and whining about how he hasn't been awakened (do you see the struggle it is for your sister????). But he doesn't care about any of that, he just wants it because his sister has it and, damn it *stomps foot*, it's not fair.

*Rolls eyes* Good one there, Josh. And did we learn a lesson from what this pettiness caused? Hopefully, but I don't hold my breath.

I'm still not sure I can fully trust Flamel, his motives are just way to unclear. I hope Dr. Dee gets a giant kick in the pants. And I'm curious about this Machiavelli character. His reactions to what was happening were not what I expected from a known 'evil-doer'.

Also, I now really want to go to Paris. Thanks, Michael Scott.