The Marriage Bargain  - Jennifer Probst I actually really liked this book. Not loved, but was definitely amused by it.

The Marriage Bargain is the tale of Nick and Alexa, childhood friends who grew apart but end up married to each other for their own reasons. His - sole ownership of his company. Hers - money to pay off the mortgage on her parents home. What begins as a general dislike for each other turns to lust which then, you got it, turns to love.

For the most part, I liked the characters. Alexa was funny to me, always knowing how to push Nick's buttons - like bringing home an abundance of dogs knowing he hates animals. He finds out, gets pissed, and she's pretty much like,


Then they fight their obvious love, I mean lust, for each other...again. But I digress...

The one thing that bothered me about Alexa, and it was right from the beginning, was how she was just like, I need money, let me find a man to give it to me. Way to think only a man could solve your problems.

As for Nick, truthfully he was very cliched. And if you couldn't see where his character would end up, you've obviously been dropped on your head as a child. But I was amused by how hard he fought everything along the way. And come on, he had a fish named Fish. The relationship between him and Alexa was fun. I could see the obvious chemistry (then again, who couldn't - oh wait, them). Their arguments never failed to crack me up, from dog "break-ins" to dumping ice cream on him, the fights were a high point of entertainment.

My main issues came with the writing. How many times must we be warned that Nick could break her heart? Their traits were beaten into is in every chapter in a not so subtle way. He doesn't believe in love and doesn't want kids. She's looking for true love and is an animal lover. We get it! Also, the use of the word 'tummy' in sexual situations is not sexy.

I loved the addition of Old Yeller. He was pretty much Nick in dog form(yup, I got that). And the vision of him with the sign propped up on his feet at the end was oh so cute. It made up for the ridiculously cheesy ending line:

She wrapped her arms around him and allowed him to lead her back to the light.

Gag me with a spoon.


So despite it's predictability and cheesiness, I enjoyed it and most likely read the sequels, even though they have nothing to do with this hilarious couple.