The Marriage Trap (Marriage to a Billionaire, #2) - Jennifer Probst 2.5
This one...yeah, just wasn't my favorite of the series.

The Marriage Trap is the follow-up to the Marriage Bargain. It's not a sequel in the generic way where we pick up with the same characters from the first, instead we focus more on two side characters who were present in the first book.

Meet Maggie Ryan and Michael Conte. When we first met Maggie in book 1, she was just Alexa's best friend and Nick's sister. And completely happy that her best friend and brother fell in love. Michael was just a suave Italian future business partner for Nick.

After being set up on a date by Alexa, Maggie thinks there's chemistry while Michael pulls away. Feeling rejected, Maggie retreats to her corner sulking - for the rest of the goddamn book. Instead of thinking that maybe there's a reason for Michael's lack of interest, she decides that Michael is in love with Alexa, and feels the need to remind us of this fact every page.

Because of family tradition, Michael's younger sister cannot marry until he himself has a wife. Not wanting to cause his sister unhappiness, he comes up with the plan to fake a marriage with, yes you guessed it, Maggie. The two fly to Italy so they can show his family that he is in love and married.

I'm pretty sure you can guess where this is going...

Let me just say, that Michael and his family saved this book (and allowed me to round up instead of down). His family was so full of life and you got a true sense of family whenever they were together. I liked seeing how Michael went from hardass business man to caregiver/protector whenever he was around his sisters and mother. And speaking of his mother, can we just take a moment to recognize the awesomness that is Mama Conte? That woman built a successful business from her own kitchen and still manages to scare the life out of her children.

My main issue with this book was Maggie. I found her cold, erratic, selfish, and just plain bitchy. She treated everyone with distaste. She was rude and disrespectful at every turn. And her constant whining about how Michael loved Alexa was tired and overplayed halfway through the book.

And can I just ask, why does everyone think that maybe if they just sleep with someone once, they will get them out of their system and be able to move on? When has that ever worked?