The Marriage Mistake (Marriage to a Billionare, #3) - Jennifer Probst The Marriage Mistake is the third in the Marriage to a Billionaire series. And what fun this one was.

Keeping in line with main characters of new books stemming from side charactes of previous books, the Marriage Mistake follows the lives of Carina Conte and Max Gray. Carina being Michael's sister from the previous books, and Max being Michael's best friends. And never fear, all of our favorite people from the other books are also back. It's just like a family that keeps growing and growing and...sorry, where was I?

Carina Conte has been in love with Max Gray since she was a child, but of course he never saw her as more than his little sister. And how could he? It was his best friend's sister after all. No good could come of this mixing. Fast forward into adulthood, Carina has grown into a beautiful woman. She has lost the childhood innocence she once had, finally has control over her emotions, and walks with confidence on her side. When Michael requests that she come to train at his American venture, she comes with one thing on her mind - have a steaming affair.

See what you need to know is that back in Italy - according to family tradition- when a girl sleeps with a guy it is presumed they would marry. This means Carina is a virgin, something she wants to rectify very fast. There's just one thing standing in her way - Max Gray.

Max is the CEO of Michael's company and has no idea what to think when Carina comes blowing into his office. She is definitely not the girl he remembers and he doesn't quite know what to do with the new emotions swirling inside of him. Sexual tension mounts all coming to bang at a conference in Vegas. One steaming night of passion...only to be caught by Carina's mother (Oh how I adore this woman).

Mama Conte immediately pushes marriage. Max wouldn't shame himself or his family would he? So the two grudingly get married...and what do you know? It seems that they actually have feelings for each other. (Shocking, I know)

I definitely enjoyed this one much more than the second. I liked seeing the interactions of those we've come to know prior and those who were just introduced here. Probst writes great sexual tension mixed with hilarious situations. While I found Carina a little childish at times, I applaud her for going after what she wants. And Max...oh, Max. I adored you.

I recently found out there will be a fourth in the series focusing on another Conte sister. I look forward to reading this. It's like candy honestly.