The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die - April Henry The Girl who was Supposed to Die starts off as this creepy thriller where you trust no one and question everything. Imagine waking up somewhere you don’t know with two people who you also don’t know discussing whether or not they should kill you. You’d be pretty freaked out, right? Oh, and what about seeing your fingernails not attached to your fingers? *shudders* I was instantly pulled in.

Who was this girl? Who were these people who held her? What information did she have? Why did they want that information? And most importantly, why did they want to kill her?

The story is revealed to us in a very smart way. Each chapter was fairly short and abrupt, all ending on a cliff hanger that all but guaranteed you would continue on. They reminded me of episodes of a crime drama honestly. It definitely kept up your frantic emotions to rival the MC’s.

But despite the good, there was also come bad. The characters themselves were just completely unbelievable to me and about halfway through, the books plot hit ridiculous. The situations our leads found themselves in were overdramatic and unrealistic and the characters were hard to relate to. For example: Ty. Now, I loved Ty, I really did. But he wasn’t real. Yes, there are people who help other people in need…but what Ty did, no teenage boy is going to do. And the parents, especially the mother, were really hard to swallow with how they reacted to the situations.

So overall, even though it wasn’t what I wanted it to be, it did have a good writing technique. Kept me wanting to read, to find out what happened, even if I didn’t believe it when I got there. If you’re looking for a quick, fast moving book with a little bit of mystery, then you might enjoy this book as a fun little read.

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