Anna and the French Kiss   - Stephanie Perkins I kept seeing this book in my feed here on Goodreads, with everyone giving it 5 stars. So, finally, I broke down and bought it. And I am sooooo happy I did. I couldn't put this book down. From start to finish, I was captivated by these characters and this beautiful backdrop of Paris. Anna is a believable 17 year old just trying to get through her senior year when she falls in love with St. Clair - and truthfully, can you blame her? I think she hit it right on the head when she said "American girls love British accents" - because I know I do. And St. Clair is just so perfect - but flawed. I recommend this book to anyone of any age. In fact, I literally just forced one of my friends to take it home with her.

St. Clair how now become one of my favorite literary characters. One of the reasons that I loved him was that, unlike most YA leading men, he wasn't perfect. He had many flaws - including having a girlfriend. But this just made their story that much more fulfilling.

Seriously, I want to reread it right now! Loved this book!