Point of Retreat  - Colleen Hoover I thought that Point of Retreat was a great follow-up to Slammed. While it didn't capture me the same way that the first one did, I definitely enjoyed it.

Point of Retreat picks up a few months after Layken's mother has passed away. Layken and Will's relationship seems to be going well. They're both going to college and raising their little brothers, splitting time between their two houses. Everything just seems so peachy...until it's not.

It begins with a little lie...not even a lie, just the failure to reveal something important that becomes the catalyst that carries this book. I loved seeing the relationship between Will and Layken, Will and Kel, Kel and Caulder...just all the family aspects. There were some new additions, one being new neighbors Kiersten and her mother Shelley. Not gonna lie, but Kiersten really annoyed me for a good majority of the book, but toward the end, I sort of warmed up to her.

Now, the majority of this book focused on a fight between Layken and Will. One fight. Seems a little ridiculous, right? Well, yes, in a way, it was. It shouldn't have been dragged out as long as it was. When will people learn that communication is key??? I totally get what Layken was saying, why she wouldn't immediately take Will back. But Layken, honey, listen to your own words and then listen to Will's. Stop butterflying carving pumpkins!!

The one part I wasn't too thrilled on was the car crash. I felt like it was unnecessary drama that this book didn't need. What makes these books special are the relationships that are showcased. Just their day to day lives are captivating because of their situations. With the addition of the crash, it seemed like the writer was grasping for a YA cliche to round out the book. It wasn't needed.

Lastly, I loved that we got to meet Will's grandparents. The grandpa's relationship with Caulder, and how openly he accepted Kel, was adorable and heartwarming. When Will realized that losing Layken would also cost him Kel, my heart broke along with him. Not gonna lie, the little brothers sell this entire series to me. They are just pure win.

I went into this book thinking this was the final one only to find out there's going to be a third one coming. I'm very interested in what that on will focus on. Based on the ending, I"m assuming it will be about the actual merging of the two families.