Slammed - Colleen Hoover 4.5

One of my favorite things about being sick is that I can just sit on the couch and read. Case in point, I finished this in 4 hours.

I really enjoyed this book. Slammed follows the life of 18-year old Layken after her father unexpectedly passes away from a heart attack. Her mother uproots her and her brother from their life in Texas and moved them to Michigan. On her first day there she meets the boy across the street, Will, and his little brother. There's an instant connection between Layken and Will...until the day after their perfect date, and reality comes crashing down on them.

The few issues I had with this book were, like I said, few. I wasn't completely sold on the 'instant' connection between Will and Layken. In all honesty, how fast they fell for each other and some of the few exchanges between the two of them after they decided they couldn't be together were a little on the cheesy side to me. But something kept me reading on.

Layken, to me, was a bit on the immature side at times. I mean, I get it. She's 18, dealing with a great loss, a new school, and now the loss of someone who could have been important to her. But her me, me, me attitude was getting on my nerves. When she finally realized that having a relationship wasn't the most important thing in the world, her attitude completely changed. She grew up.

I loved Will. At only 21, he was handed a pretty shitty deck to deal with, but he handled it with maturity and grace. His relationship with his brother was what sold me on him. The commitment he had to family was truthfully the core of what made him. My only issue with him was how he kept leading Layken on after telling her no.

Then there's Kel and Caulder - I consider them one entity. I adored them! They brought a smile to my face every time they were mentioned. And their Halloween costumes - I died.

Even the side characters were win. Gavin and Eddie were a perfect addition. I was a little worried about Eddie in the beginning, I thought she might spill Layken's secret. But no, she's actually a really good friend (which is a rare find in YA books). And also, Eddie's birthday surprise, yeah. I bawled over pink balloons...just saying.

But what I really loved about this book was how the writer, at least for me, took the focus off of love. It wasn't just a love story to me. To me, this was more a story of friendship. I loved watching how Layken and Will's relationship grew. I loved watching the relationship between Will and Layken's mom, Layken and her mom. This book was about growing up and dealing with what life throws at you. The way slam poetry was used just added to the intensity of the story. This was generally just an amazingly written story. With some great advice thrown in.

"Question everything. Your love, your religion, your passion. If you don't have questions, you'll never find answers."

I'm off to read the sequel now.