Friday Night Alibi - Cassie Mae 3.5

Friday Night Alibi is the story of Kelli Pinkins, good little rich Christian girl, who spends her Friday nights locked in her room playing X-Box, watching movies, or doing anything that doesn’t require her to go out. Why? Because she’s an alibi. People give her money to pretend that they were hanging out with her while they are with other people, people that their parents wouldn’t approve of.

Sounds…boring, right? Well, Kelli thinks she’s doing good and therefore doesn’t mind staying in. Her parents are never home, so to her, it’s good to feel wanted. Then she meets Chase. Adorable, hilarious, dorky Chase. (Can you tell I love him?) He was just what this book needed. He brought humor and light to this dull world of country clubs and tennis playing that Kelli inhabited. He teased her, challenged her, takes care of her when she’s sick (he brings her oranges and orange juice because he didn’t know which she would want more), and deals with her alibi gig. For most of the book, Kelli did not deserve Chase.

I found the book to be a bit predictable, but it wasn’t a big issue for me. There was enough amusement to keep me reading. It was just enough of a new take on a familiar premise. I struggled to like Kelli for a good portion of the book only because she was fighting herself and I could see how much it was hurting her. The way she treated Chase sometimes was horrible and her naivety was cringe worthy, but she did finally grow. The scene with her father toward the end of the book was one of my favorites and I’m glad the author didn’t shy away from having an involved parent.

I enjoyed Cassie Mae’s writing style and hope that the smart banter and witty responses are present in her other work, which I look forward to checking out.

I received an ARC of this novel from the publisher via Netgalley for my honest opinion and review.

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