Someone to Love - Addison Moore 2.5

I rounded up because the beginning was hilarious.

When one of the first lines uttered by a main character is "You're on a road show with your penis, and trust me, I'm the last person who wants to get in your way. But I'm telling you, operation occupy-my-vagina is a no-go for the evening.", you have to continue just for the laughs.

So, Someone to Love. Basically, a girl transfers colleges and on her first day there meets resident playboy. Hijinks ensue and they end up falling for each other - shocker, I know.

Kendall, or Kenny as she is dubbed early on, transfers to hoity-toity Garrison college at the urging of her unlucky-in-love mother. Mommy is on her 4th or 5th divorce (I honestly can't remember the number), so it's no shock that Kendall doesn't believe in love. Oh, and she's also a virgin.

Cruise Elton (yes, that's actually his name) is currently sleeping his way through the female population at Garrison. Why? Because he had his heartbroken of course.

Kendall and Cruise meet at a frat party the night our disillusioned virgin arrives at Garrison. Kendall's mother has all but promised her daughters hand in marriage to the rich son of her best friend, Pennington. Pennington was supposed to have secured a dorm for Kendall using his "I'm a rich boy I get what I want" stature. Too bad our rich boy spends a little too much time with ganja. Needless to say, Kendall does not have a place to stay.

Enter Adonis, I mean, Cruise. (Why is everyone described as Adonis nowadays? Sigh...) He just happens to have a spare bedroom at his place and promises to keep his hands to himself. Sure...anyway...Kendall accepts and because she fully believes that love is for the weak, she decides that Cruise should teach her his ways of playerdom. Basically, she wants to be the female Cruise.

This book was as cliched as they come- like so many cliches I'm not even going to begin to list them here. And oh so predictable. I really enjoyed the first half of this book. The banter between the two of them was hilarious. Even though I knew what was coming, I didn't mind it because I was so amused. Then the second half of the book happened. Suddenly, Kendall lost about half her IQ and Cruise lost his balls. They both became so frustrating that I wanted to strangle them both. And has anyone ever heard of a little thing called COMMUNICATION?

Then there's the writing style of the author. Like I previously stated, the writing was very witty. I laughed...a lot. But Moore loves using metaphors and there is such a thing as over-description. Another problem for me, I was really confused on the whole timeline thing. Kendall transfers in at Christmas. Got that part. But what follows next is: days pass...a few weeks later...the following week...another few weeks later. When it seems like almost half a year has passed, I find out it's only about Valentine's day. *scratches head* What?

Aside from all my confusion, I remembered this was a romance novel and I shouldn't be digging too deep into the meaning of the book. This was not a deep moralized story. It was fun, quick, and easy read. And I recognize it as such.