The Enchantress  - Michael Scott This was one series that took me by surprise. I did not expect to like it as much as I did. It was fun and intrigue all wrapped up in a mystery filled with mythical creatures and people of legend, pairings you never thought you would see in a book.

The series began as fun for me. The first one set up the world: modern, but secrets hidden in its depths. Here, we met the main players and we also thought we had chosen a side. 2-5 built on the first one, throwing more players into the mix, spicing things up and making us question if the original side we chose was in fact the correct one. And then came 6...oh 6.

Six took everything we had learned in the first five and just threw it out the window. Loyalties were tested, unlikely allies were forged, unlikely heroes emerged, and casualties littered the chapters. Scott did not shy away from death, but each death wasn't meaningless, there was purpose and cause. Legends came to life. Twists sneaked up behind you and the turns that followed left you speechless. I cried for peoples deaths of whom I despised in the beginning. Bravo, Mr. Scott, bravo.

This series should not have been as good as it was. I credit it to Scott's writing, which improved dramatically as the story carried on. The books and the worlds are so vivid, you can see everything happening like a movie playing out in your mind. What a brilliant ending to a great series.

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