The Warlock  - Michael Scott, Mohammad Baihaqqi Dear Michael Scott (not of The Office),

I do not know how you manage to keep these books so dang surprising. Just when I think I've got you down, you throw something in my way. Sophie and Josh are split. Now, while I agree with the decision to not trust Nicholas and Pernelle, I don't see how choosing Dee is the lesser evil. Setting hundreds of monsters loose on San Francisco can no way end good.

Billy the Kid and Machiavelli surprised me here. I knew from the start that I was going to like Machiavelli, but I was suprised by how much. Both of them showed tremendous strength here and I can't wait to see where they stand come the next book.

The gathering of all the different Elders and immortals, and how they all came to be together in different times was written extremely well. So were the little tidbits of the past that were leaked out. This book was the setting for the epic battle that I fear will be the last book.

But my absolute favorite part was we got to learn more about Sophie and Josh's history. And that ending...WHOA, I did NOT see that coming.

So Mr. Scott, you have made these books much more enjoyable than they had any right to be. And I cannot wait to read how you've wrapped all of this up.

PS: Can you please hit Josh over the head with a stick? Anything to get him thinking sane again. Thank you.