The Sorceress  - Michael Scott It's only been four days since the first book??? I guess time doesn't fly when you're running for your lives.

The Sorceress is the third book in the Immortal Life of Nicholas Flamel series. As the title suggests, this one focuses more on Pernelle Flamel, which for the most part, I found interesting. It was nice to see a glimpse into her background and also are finally given examples of why pretty much every Immortal fears her.

I found this book to be good, but not much was moved forward in process of plot. A few major things did happen, the twins learned water magic, Pernelle got off the island, Flamel and the twins finally get back to San Francisco, but for the most part, I felt this was a little bit of a filler just to get certain information out.

We were introduced to some new characters in this one: The Bard, Gilgamesh, The Saracen Knight. What a lovely use of Shakespeare. And I adored Gilgmesh and how he'll "always remember the girl who shed a tear for him".

Now with two of our heroes trapped in another time, two of our villians trapped on an island, and reunions I was happy weren't pushed until the last book, I'm interested to see what else Scott drags out of history for the next books.