The Indigo Spell - Richelle Mead I think the title of this book should have been "How Adrian Got His Groove Back." I know so much more happened in this book, but, come on, Adrian becoming Adrian again tops all.


Ok, I will stop from my Adrian fangirling (for a moment). Indigo Spell finds Sydney still trying to figure out what to do about all of the changes in her life. She doesn't trust the Alchemists after learning more about their internal dealings, which leads her to track down Marcus, the only person she believes can help her discover the truth about her leaders. What she finds when she meets Marcus, isn't the save all/end all she was expecting. Instead Marcus wants things from her in return, things that Sydney isn't sure she can provide.

Along with the Marcus issue, Sydney's dealings into the art of magic have taken a more serious turn. Her teacher, Ms. Terwilliger, pushes Sydney to delve deeper into defensive magic when she drops the bomb that there's a witch out there draining the life and power of other witches.

And then of course, behind all of this, there's still the duty of protecting Jill and keeping their lives secret in Palm Springs.

What I loved about Indigo Spell was it finally showed Sydney beginning to break away from this mold that she had been formed into. Instead of just following orders without questions, she's pushing limits and not just her own. She's questioning everything around her and herself. Also, she's finally getting her own personality.

While this is a story told from Sydney's POV, I feel the side characters bring so much to the plot. I adore Eddie, I have since the Vampire Academy series. Jill is starting to grow on me. She stood up to Sydney in this one and was actually the voice of reason to a point. I'm still not a fan of Angeline, but I can tolerate her.

But of course, my main attraction to this series is Adrian. After two books of him moping and chasing after Sydney, I feel like we finally get him back in this book. Even though he still admits to loving Sydney and not stopping anytime soon...

"I'm going to just go on loving you, even if it's hopeless"
"You're my flame in the dark. We chase away the shadows around each other."

His charm and wit are back full-force, but so is his heart and his loyalty.

Indigo Spell found our characters is some stressful situations and also opened the door to future challenges. Along the way Richelle Mead never lost the humor. Both Adrian and Marcus, while involved in the heavy situations, provided much needed comic relief for us. I mean, who can resist Hopper?

I anxiously look forward to the next book based on what Mead left us with there at the end.