Almost - Anne Eliot 3.5 I rounded up for Gray.

This book came highly recommended from one of my best friends. She absolutely loved it and I wanted to as well. I really wanted to, but I just couldn't. I didn't love it, but that doesn't mean that I didn't like it.

The story follows Jess, a girl who was almost raped when she was 14 when she went to a party. All she remembers was that there was alcohol involved. She also has flashes of conversations from that night, but only a few words stand out such as "lucky girl". Jess doesn't feel lucky. Her parents treat her like she's still that 14 year old girl, everything she does is scrutinized and she can't even think about college. Even if her parents were going to let her go, she still has the nightmares to deal with. She has no friends besides her little sister, Kika. And it's because of her that Jess gets this idea to play "normal".


While at an interview for an internship, Jess meets Gray. She decides that Gray would be the perfect boyfriend for her "normal" scenario. And without any hesitation, Gray agrees. Soon, Jess is thrust into Gray's world and she even now has friends. Everything seems to be going great, right? Well yes, except for the nightmares are getting worse and there's the secret that Gray is keeping from everyone and would destroy Jess if she ever found out.

I adored Gray. Here was a guy who years ago was involved in something completely over his head and has dealt with it the only way he could. And when Jess comes into his life, he spends every day trying to make up for the past. He was so sweet to her, even though most of the time she didn't deserve it. I even really liked his friends, Cory and Michelle. I thought they added some much needed comedic relief to the story.

I did not like Jess's parents or her sister. I get wanting to protect your daughter, but there is such a thing as smothering. By them not ever really dealing with what happened, Jess never did and the whole thing got locked away. And also, their deal with the coach and Gray about that night, pure shit. As for Kika, I liked her in the beginning but then her attitude toward her sister did a 180 that I didn't really understand why she was there anymore.

Then there's Jess. I honestly still have no idea why Gray liked her. Her attitude toward him was horrible. And anytime he tried to talk to her, she played the "I'm crazy" card.


Ok, we get it, you're crazy. But you're also kind of bitchy. I just really didn't have that much sympathy for her.

The story was a really good idea and parts of it were brilliant, but when I couldn't connect with the main character, it ultimately fell flat for me.

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