Me & Timothy Cooper - Suzanne D. Williams Actual rating: 2.5 stars

I want to start off by saying, I did not dislike this book. It was a very cute read. Just a little too cutesy for me.

Me & Timothy Cooper follows the lives of Timothy Cooper (duh) and Taylor Lawton. They are high school students, though not sure what grade but I'm assuming juniors, who are paired together for a school project: to learn about the other person and write what they would/would not change about each other.

Taylor is fairly new to the town and is madly crushing on Timothy. In a crazy twist of fate, Taylor sprains her ankle while walking home from school and Timothy see her. He takes her to his house where his mother is a retired nurse and since Taylor's parents are out of town, they insist she stay there for the week. Yup, you heard me, week.

This being a novella, I understood why the pacing was quicky. But it seemed like Taylor completely changed from one page to the next. When we first meet her, she can't even say one word to Timothy. Then later that afternoon at his house, she's suddenly this bold, outgoing girl who can't stop pushing him for answers. Meanwhile, Timothy was cotton candy sweet.

And I will say, I really liked Taylor's report at the end. It didn't seem like a school assignment, but I loved what she said about Timothy.

The situations were a little on the cheesy side for me, and the epilogue didn't sit well with me. So they married 2 years after they spoke for the first time, and then she got pregnant. So they're what, 19? I think this book is meant for a younger audience base.