Unmaking Hunter Kennedy - Anne Eliot First off, I've gotta say: Hunter Kennedy = Justin Bieber. The first time he's introduced and his outfit is described, this is all I see:


Hunter Kennedy is on top of the world. He's in a majorly successful music group, GuardeRobe. Has fans and paparazzi everywhere he goes. Fame and fortune are his. Until one night when he almost loses it all. Because of his antics that one night, his mother packs him up and ships him off to live with his aunt in nowhere Colorado. There he will wear a disguise and go to regular high school until he's deemed fit to come back. While he's there, his disguise will be helped by his aunts neighbors, high school kids just like him: Vere and Charlie.

Vere is the sparkling image of dork. Everything Hunter needs to be to go unnoticed. In one day, Vere takes Hunter and strips him down turning him into Dustin McHugh - a retainer wearing, glasses wearing kid with a lisp. Along the way, Hunter agrees to help Vere get over her shyness around all male species. And this is where the fun begins.

This book is by no means deep. I mean, it has some heavy issues (Hunter's background), but for the most part, it's fluffy and hilarious. I think I had a smile on my face the entire time reading.

My only problems were: 1) there were some minor editing problems that I noticed. And then 2) Charlie - they way he kept pushing Vere at Curtis (even though Curtis was a grade A meathead) didn't seem believable.

I liked the way the author would change from Hunter to Dustin depending on who he "was" at the time, until he realizes that he's actually both.

It's a solid story and adorable,loving characters. Oh and a first kiss that will make you swoon...