Drip Drop Teardrop - Samantha Young Avery is a broken girl who lived her life in the shadows of who she wants to become. Every thought, every dream is based around what her aunt would do if in that position. She's living, but not really living.

Then she meets Brennus, dark and mysterious with a hideous scar down the side of his face. Brennus has been watching her for some time, and even though she's afraid, she is also drawn to him.

This novella focused on life and death, literally. I liked the idea behind it and the pace moved along at a nice rate. Brennus was a very intersesting character, from his life as a "reaper" to his life before. What I didn't really like was Avery. Yes, I get being scared of something that happens so fast, but her attitude and the way she handles her own life were frustrating. She was a child who was growing up in this false reality.