Drama - Raina Telgemeier Drama was a really cute graphic novel following the production of a musical in a middle school setting. I honestly didn't know what I would think of this one. My first thoughts were childish, why am I going to read this? But it came recommended from a friend I trust so I gave it a shot.

Drama follows Callie, a very outgoing girl who knows what she wants and goes after it, emotions be damned! She leads with her heart and deals with the aftermath as it comes. Callie loves plays - everything about them. So it's of no surprise she's part of the stage crew for her school productions.

Along the way of preparing for opening night, we meet a mirage of people to round out this book. And I will once again say how much I loved (even though I was shocked) that Telgemeier included young gay boys. The illustrations provided a colorful backgroud to this cute story, where I often found myself giggling. Just plain cute.