Hallowed - Cynthia Hand Whoa...what a ride.

In Unearthly, we meet Clara and find out about her being an angel-blood. Along the way, we also learn that Christian is part of her purpose, but she's falling in love with Tucker. I thought it was a great start to a promising series.

With Hallowed, I was blown away. In this book, we had already established the characters, so we were able to jump right into the plot. Hand doesn't waste any time reminding us of what previously happened. She mentions it as we need to know, but doesn't weigh down the story with it. (Thank you, Cynthia).

Hallowed finds Clara dealing with the aftermath of not only turning away from her purpose, but also constantly in fear that the Dark Wing will come back. All of our favorite characters return, including some new faces. More of Clara's story is revealed, and new issues are brought up.

Let's start with Clara. So much has been thrown on her: from changing her purpose to meeting Samjeeza, falling for Tucker (her best friend's brother) and of course, the normal day to day of school. But things escalate here. Clara finds out exactly why she is so special and also what her mother has been keeping from her. A visit from someone from their past shakes things up, but ultimately helps move this book along. But in the midst of all this, heartbreak hits. And it just tore my heart apart.

Tucker. Aww...Tucker. I love this boy. He just crept up on me in the first and stands strong here. He loves Clara and puts up with a lot from her. Knowing she has some sort of connection with Christian isn't easy for him. And my heart just went out to him in this book. I'm really hoping that he's a main force in the next book.

Now for Christian. I liked Christian in the first book. How could you not? He's a very likeable character. He's the quintessential perfect guy that tends to plague YA books. In Hallowed, we learn more about Christian and during this reveal, I realized that I was starting to love him. Not in the same way as Tucker, but I could see how easy it would be for Clara to be with him. He told Clara he would always be there for her, and he proves that over and over here. Yes, there's one scene where he pulled a dick move, but I understood his motives.

I don't trust Angela. I know I said it about the last book, but I'm saying it again. I feel like I'm just waiting for her betrayal.

There was a lot revealed about both Jeffrey and Clara's mom, as well. Seriously, this book was jammed full on information. I'm very interested in what's going to happen with Jefferey now.

That being said, I can not wait for the next book. So many questions are still left, but I have a feeling more will be asked.