The Alchemyst (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Famel #1) - Michael Scott A solid three stars for this one.

I will admit, when I first started this book, I had no clue that Nicholas Flammel was a real person. I honestly thought he was someone JK Rowling thought up for Harry Potter. So I was a little confused when this book was handed to me. I think my thought process was, how the hell can someone get away with this? Is this a side series to Harry Potter by a different author (yeah, that one didn't make sense to even me, but I thought it)?

Ultimately, I do believe that this book was written because of how popular Harry Potter was. It showed that there was room for this type of genre. The Alchemyst follows Nicholas Flammel and his wife, Pernelle after the Codex (the book which holds the formula for the elixir of life) is stolen and Pernelle kidnapped. Flammel, joined by two twins who are part of an ancient prophecy and an Elder warrior, set out to stop the evil Dr. John Dee from bringing back the Dark Elders to the world.

I did like the world that Scott created. It reminded me a lot of Harry Potter mixed with Lord of the Rings set in modern San Francisco. He blended nicely the lore of ancient beings and brought them in an original way with the creation of the Dark Elders and Elders alike.

However, what confused me most was, if Nicholas Flammel and his wife had been living off this elixir for over 400 years, why then did they still need the Codex to brew the formula? Wouldn't you have it memorized by then?