Unholy Ghosts - Stacia Kane I received a copy of this through a blog win. I had never heard of this series, or the author. So I went diving in without any prior set knowledge. And I was pleasantly surprised.

In a world where the dead don't always stay dead, and the general public know about it. The Church employs a small group of people called Debunkers, who send these wondering spirits back to where they belong using relics and spells. Chess, our lead girl, is a Debunker. She lives in the Downside on the measly salary the church pays her for putting her life in danger.

But Chess is also a druggie, who is addicted to Cepts (similar to speed), and she's in deep with the local dealer. He uses this against her in order to get her help clearing the ghosts from his airfield. This ultimately unravels a much deeper issue that not only involves the local drug lords, but the very Church itself.

I liked Chess, she had spunk and pushed the limits of her surroundings. She also didn't sit around and wait for people to save her, she went out and got in people's faces. However, the character who stole my attention was Terrible. Lead thug to a drug dealer, he's assigned to protect Chess while working. But the more time he spends with Chess, the more we see his layers come off and reveal this whole different person beneath.

So why three stars? First off, the way they talked to each other. The form of speech was sometimes really hard to follow. It's almost as in this new world, there's no schooling. All forms of proper speech just went out the window. Another issue I had was the use of drugs. I can stand some drug use in the story but it just seemed that every page, Chess was getting high. It was an unneeded crutch and I felt it was overused.

All in all, a good start to a series.