The Other Boleyn Girl - Philippa Gregory What a beautifully written novel. This was the first book I had read by Gregory and I will definitely be reading the others. She has this amazing way of transporting you back to the era of King Henry and Tudor style England.

Not going to lie, I am fascinated with European history and especially this age in England. While I know the facts surrounding Anne Boleyn, I loved seeing how Gregory filled in the blanks and told it from Mary's point of view. Yes, most was romanticized and moat was fiction, but it was based in fact. And this is what made it a great read.

I felt so bad for Mary Boleyn, a pawn in her family's dark ambitions. While she is not wholly innocent, she definitely comes across as the heroine to root for here. Married by 13, seducing the king by 14...all for the good of her family. I all but cheered when she finally put her foot down and married for love.

Anne Boleyn, on the other hand, what an evil woman. Her ambitions got the best of her and eventually that was what killed her. I felt little pity for her, more I felt pity for her life. All of her scheming and acting, at what cost? Her live, her love, her very own soul - not too mention the lives of multiple people who were beheaded because of her.

Then there was George Boleyn. While there was never any proof of incest between him and Anne, there was definitely talk about it. Gregory explores this with the secrets and the mysterious birth of the "monster" baby.

Such an interesting and intriguing read. I almost want to read it again because I feel like there was so much information, so much scandal, that I ultimately missed some play somewhere.