Briar Rose: A Novel of the Fairy Tale Series - Jane Yolen If you don't know me, I'm going to tell you straight off that Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney movie. So when my friend gave me this book, I was immediately intrigued.

Holy shit was that intense. Briar Rose is the tale of Sleeping Beauty, but not the classic 'pricks her finger on a spindle, sleeps, wakes up by a prince's kiss' fairy tale we're all used to. This Sleeping Beauty is told in flashbacks by a grandmother to her grandchildren. It's only when the grandmother dies, that we begin to understand what the story meant.

Gemma, the grandmother, is Sleeping Beauty - a tale her grandchildren aren't too sure about. When Gemma passes away, Becca (the youngest grandchild) promises Gemma that she will find her grandmother's 'castle'. This promise sends Becca on a wild chase deep into her grandmother's past, a past that no one knows about. Through conversations with Jewish immigrants, interviews with concentration camp survivors, and ultimately ending in a trip to Poland, Becca begins to unravel the secret that was her grandmother.

Told as a fairy tale, but laced with historical undertones, Briar Rose takes what you think you know about Sleeping Beauty and merges it with a tale of survival and rescue from one of the most horrific concentration camps under Nazi rule.

I was unprepared for how this book made me feel. The haunting tale at the end will stay with me for awhile. But I am very glad that I read this.