Hidden - Sophie Jordan I was so excited for this book. Finally I would get to find out what would happen to Jacinda, Will and Cassian (whom I had grown to love). Thanks to this horrible sickness that seems to have found me, I was able to finish this book pretty much in one day.

It started off good enough, Jacinda came up with this brilliant plan to infiltrate the Enkro's hideaway. Of course Will and Cassian are against this, but they let her go anyway. What ensues is pure chaos because nothing ever goes as planned for this group. They succeed in getting out, with Miriam, but they've acquired a new guest - one who I grew to really like.

This book wove in and out for me. It started out really strong, then I felt like it seemed to crawl as we built up to the finale. Jacinda, who I felt was a pretty strong character and knew what she wanted, suddenly didn't know anymore and was dragging Will along with her. The road from escape to getting back to the pride seemed endless, even though it was roughly 100 pages.

But once they arrive at the pride, this was where the book really picked up. Secrets are revealed, including what really happened with Jacinda's father. Betrayals come out along with picking which side everyone really stands on. Both Cassian and Will were standouts in this book for me. They were two characters who never wavered from what they believe in - even the surprise ending with Cassian's choice. While I liked Jacinda, her two guys were what sold this finale for me. And even though I didn't see this ending coming, I felt it was very fitting and left just enough open for my imagination to fill in.