Rapture  - Lauren Kate This is one series that dragged out for me, but I will say that I enjoyed this final installment. The author seemed to finally hit her pace (unfortunately it took until the final book).

Having not read the series for awhile, it took me a few chapters in to actually remember what happened as this book references everything leading all the way back to Fallen. But once I did, I was immersed in lore and tales dating all the way back to the beginning of creation. Now, I am not a religious person at all. But I felt like the author did a good job in describing the early creation of angels and describing the fall without getting too preachy. Writing about angels walks a fine line and I felt that Kate handled it well.

Now, as for Luce, I have mixed feelings about her. I can't fault her, however, for some of her choices, strictly because she was just trying to find out about her past since nobody else would tell her. In that instance, I found her strong - however, her method on going about it was a different story, but one that ultimately led us here.

And can I just say, I knew it!! About half way through this book, I figured out Luce's true past - not completely, but the main idea. Kudos. Kate wrapped this up nicely. I really enjoyed the conversation about how Lucifer turned adoration to love to obsession for control. An interesting take on Lucifer's fall from grace.

All in all, I liked this series. I felt that books 2 and 3 could have possibly been combined, but the opening and the endings were solid.