Secrets of My Hollywood Life - Jen Calonita I liked this book...I did, but god if I didn't want to hit everyone (except for 3) over the head with a club.

So Kate is a Hollywood star who wants desperately to be normal. SO she enrolls in public school, under disguise of course. You all see where this is going right? Of course she's going to get caught and of course she's going to fall in love with a "normal" boy. In addition to living a double life, she also has a co-star who's hell bent on destroying her and parents, who in my opinion, don't actually care about their daughter. They only care about the celebrity. And why was her manager always yelling? Reading entire conversations in cap lock is NOT FUN.

And as for Kate, she was all right. The whole book she complained about being normal, but then would whine when no one paid her attention or when she had too many things booked in one day. YOU DID IT TO YOURSELF!

This was definitely another book where the side characters were better than the main. Best friend, Liz, seemed to have her head on straight. And I loved her driver and personal assistant. They gave actual depth to the book. And I adored Austin.

Fun book overall, but predictable. Will I read the rest? Maybe...if they were given to me.