That Wedding: 2 - Jillian Dodd Jillian Dodd has a knack for writing superb swoonworthy boys. Both Phillip and Danny are back in this sequel and are just as good, if not better, than they were in the original.

That Wedding picks ups right where That Boy left off. JJ and her prince have recently gotten engaged and it seems that everyone around them wants the wedding planned now. That, thrown in with obstacles such as couples counseling, exes, and not dealing with certain pasts, round out this story.

I'm not going to lie, for a majority of this book, I was annoyed with JJ. It just seemed like she wanted to sabotage her relationship. She constantly freaked out over nothing, refused to talk to her fiance about anything, and just used sex to solve everything. I could totally see the train wreck that was starting. Oh, and the night she ended up "helping out" at the bar - yeah, I was about to smack someone for just how stupid she was acting.

But then the breaking point happened, which I knew was coming. One little moment that just opened the can of worms that had been bubbling up since the first book. JJ's breakdown was one of the most real parts of this book for me. I felt at that moment, she finally let her walls down and allowed her boy to help her and understand her.

And while talking about the boys, can I just say that I want my own Phillip? He is just too sweet and adorable. He's patient and understanding. Yes, he also had his moments where I was like, guys this isn't going to solve anything, but he worked it out in the end.

As for Danny, can you say look who grew up? He proves that friendships last and he wears his heart on his sleeve. Danny is the kind of guy who would do anything for those that he loves and he just wants everyone happy.

I was super excited to start reading this book. Halfway through it, I was giving it a solid 4 stars. Then the ending came and the breakdown came, and it was booted back up to 5. I've heard somewhere there's going to be a third one called That Baby, and I hope this is true because I can not be done with these characters.

Can we please just keep it going until That Retirement Home?

Love love love them :)