Sapphique (Incarceron) - Catherine Fisher Hmmm...well, that was interesting.

After reading the amazingness that was Incarceron, I was super excited to read Sapphique. Incarceron just left us with so many questions. Mostly what would happen to Finn and Claudia? Amd just how alive is Incaraceron?

Sapphique started with Attia, who, after being left by Finn, had seperated from Keiro and was wondering Incarceron by herself, looking for a way out. Whereas the first book stuck to mostly just the POV's of Claudia and Finn, Sapphique told the story from multiple people: Finn, Claudia, Attia, Keiro, the Warden, Jared. I get why it was done, so much was happening that it needed to be explained, but at times I found it slightly jumbled. So much was happening that I was losing sight of whose story I was following.

The beginning started out slow for me. I chalk this up to the multiple story lines happening. My emotions were with Claudia and Finn, everything that was happening outside of Incarceron. Attia and Keiro were characters I wasn't too fond of. They didn't leave a lasting impression on me from the first one, so I wasn't attached to their storyline this time.

Once the fake prince appeared, the book shifted gears. Suddenly, we were on a time limit. Everything had to happen by this certain time, or it would all end. This was what I was waiting for. The heartpounding, non-stop chaos that has you frantically turning pages until its over. Every page turned brought more questions with few answers and as I kept getting closer to the end, I couldn't fathom how this story could be finished in the amount of pages left.

But here is where I should have trusted the author, Fisher didn't wrap up the ending in a beautiful bow. No, there are still questions, but they are the type of questions that you don't really need another book to answer. They are the fun ones your imagination can run away with. Your "what ifs" can write the next chapter for you. Anything less from Fisher would have been a let down.

Great set of books. I highly recommend them.