Demonglass  - Rachel Hawkins 3.5

Ok, this book was fun. I rated it on the higher end because I felt that the characters actually showed progression from the first book, which is sometimes unheard of in YA. And like I said before, it was fun.

Demonglass finds Sophie sent to the outskirts of London to live with her father and the council. Along with Jenna (the vamp) and Cal (we find he is her betrothed), we are introduced to multiple council members and two new half demons, Nick and Daisy. Sophie's dad is trying to convince her to not go through with the Removal process which will either take away all of her magic or kill her. Sophie agrees to think about it and thus begins the summer vacation from hell.

From death threats to ex-boyfriends showing up, Demonglass keeps you both amused and on your toes as you desperately try to solve the mystery of who's trying to kill Sophie and who's raising a demon army...and even worse, what if they're the same person?

I found Sophie in this book to not be quite so immature as she was in the first book, but then again, she has gone through some rather painful events. I also really liked that we got to know more about Cal. He intrigued me from Hex Hall and didn't fail me here. If anything I like him even more.

And yes, I still love Archer...

However, what I didn't like was the ginormous cliff hanger this book left us on. I need to know what happens like now!