Monument 14 - Emmy Laybourne 3.5

I liked this book. It wasn't amazing, but it wasn't horrible. It started out with a bang, just jumped right in giving you no time to catch your breath. Disaster struck on page 2. What happened next, honestly, was hard for me to rate. I think this is one book where my favorite characters were all under the age of 8.

What I liked: the general idea (kids stuck in a Target like store while the world ends around them outside, Max (this kid had some amazing stories), Caroline and Henry (adorable kids)

What I didn't care for: lack of explanation about what type of world this was. We never really got a sense of how the world operates. At one point, we're told that this disaster is worse than the quake of 2032, but how far back was that? What exactly are these Big and Small tabs that everyone uses? Who is NORAD and how do they fit into the this world?

Parts of the book dragged, and I really wanted to smack them sometimes and yell "THE WORLD IS ENDING AND YOU'RE GETTING HIGH??", but hey, they were kids. I will say that I look forward to the sequel because I desperately want to know what happens to them. And the last few chapters were what bumped up that extra half a star because talk about an ending.