Struck - Jennifer Bosworth "That had nothing to do with his power, and everything to do with the power of his words, and the time he chose to say them. He spoke to people's fear, and the fear listened."

I feel like that one sentence sums up this book. What happens when disaster strikes, literal disaster, and you're left to pick up the pieces? What if you had something to do with it?

Mia lives in Los Angeles where a massive earthquake has just demolished the city and a man who calls himself 'Prophet' has become the voice of God, predicting the next major earthquake to destroy the world and attracting Followers wherever he goes. But Mia is different, she doesn't believe that Prophet speaks the truth, and she is also different because she's been struck by lightening - multiple times. And there's two groups, the Prophet's Followers and another group called the Seekers who believe that Mia is their key - either to end the world or to save it.

I found the pacing of the story to be a little slow. It took almost half of the book to get to the meat of what it was about. And there's a something about people who follow blindly, and this is probably just me, that unsettles me a bit. It has to do with my own views on religion, but I found it hard to keep that out of this book. I just wanted to throttle people and demand they think for themselves.

I didn't love any of the characters, and I felt there was a little too much "God is going to cleanse the world" for me to really enjoy it.


And that's why I had to give it 3 stars, because I just don't know.