Hex Hall  - Rachel Hawkins 3.5

This book started off really rocky for me. I found the writing to be a little juvenile and most of the characters one dimensional. And like most YA books, parts were predictable. But I will admit that it got more intriguing for me as the book came to an end. The little twists that were thrown in there made it a sure guarantee that you would want to read the second book.

Sophie was a good character. She was a teenager trying to deal with her supernatural side while not being given all the facts about her powers. She's thrust into this new life at a school for children with magical abilities where she encounters a bitchy clique of girls, befriends the only other outcast (a vamp) and falls for the popular, hot guy.

Side note: once, I would just like to see the main character fall for the dorky, outcast. But that's just me. Moving on.

And speaking of the popular, hot guy, Asher was pretty good. I didn't swoon over him like I've done for other love interests, but I did like him. I just feel like he was missing...something. His character always fell just shy of swoon-worthy. But I liked him and I now really want to know more about him and his family because I'm certain there's something more there than what people are assuming.

In conclusion, a good start to a series. And I will continue reading it.