Love is Darkness - Caroline Hanson 2.5 stars

Fist off, it shouldn't take over half the book to actually get to a plot. It wasn't until 62% in that I felt the book began moving along. This book was extrememly slow moving up until the last few chapters and then...nothing. Nothing was settled, nothing was won, nothing was explained. I understand that this is a series, and I know that because of this the writer wanted to leave the ending somewhat open-ended as to entice readers to continue, but all it did was make me want to throw the book.

The writing style wasn't the best either. Sentences didn't make sense, making me think that the editor apparently had better things to do than edit this book. But what got me frustrated the most were the characters.

Valerie - if she was supposed to be portrayed as a strong female lead, well, epic fail. All she did was sit around and whine about how unfair her life is how she needs protection all the time - even though she's constantly saying she doesn't need protection. Then she wants Jack...then Lucas...then Jack...but oh wait, Lucas is shirtless. MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MIND.

Not that there is an easy way to choose between the two. Let's start with Jack. Jack, the vampire hunter, who ends up with Val's family because his parents were murdered. That about sums up Jack. Yet, the whole book is centered around Val's love for Jack. Why? Where do we, the audience, see this relationship? Believe that there's any reason for her to love him? We don't.

The only character who held any interest for me was Lucas, he's the reason for the extra .5 star. Although, I don't understand how he could be around Val all that time and NOT kill her. But I guess after 1400 years on Earth, you have patience. I do wish that the author would have explored Lucas a little more, at times he felt very bland to me, like he was supposed to just be the 'bad ass vamp'.

So my rating stands around the "It was Ok" mark because while it had promise I wasn't very impressed. Will I read the next one? If it comes up as a free read like this one, maybe.