Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins The first thing I remember about Catching Fire is that it's my favorite book of the series. Vaguely, I could remember why, but nothing specific. So I decided to reread it, sort of like a refresher.

While this book didn't gut me emotionally the way the Hunger Games did, it latched onto something else - that heart pounding OMG-whats-going-to-happen moment. Which descibes my mental state for the last half of the book. I will admit that the beginning started off a little slow. Katniss was trying to figure out her place back in her district after winning the Games, and we, as an audience, were trying to figure it out along with her. The bomb doesn't drop until the halfway point of the book.

Turns out I had forgotten some details of this story. I had forgotten how much of a player Gale was in this one as opposed to the first. His relationship with Katniss is explored more, and unlike in the first book, I can actually see where the Team Gale comes from. Their relationship is easy, comforting, effortless almost.

However, my heart lies with Peeta. Always has, always will. The innocence and determination of his character are so endearing. You can't help but root for him, understand him, and ultimately, love him.

Now let me just take a second to mention my absolute favorite character in this series, who gets introduced in this book: Finnick Odair. Enough said.

Catching Fire is an amazing follow-up to the Hunger Games from start to finish - and the last line of the book will haunt you, causing you to run around in a panic until you have Mockingjay in your hands.