Overprotected - Jennifer Laurens I was close to giving this 3 stars, but then the ending happened. *head desk*

Two stars according to Goodreads means it was ok, and that's what this was- OK. I knew what was going to happen, just really hoped that it wouldn't. The story itself is not horrible, I think it's just poorly executed. I really liked the premise and I really liked the character of Colin and that's about it. Honestly, I'm not even sure how I feel about Ashlyn. I think I wanted her to be stronger.

As for her parents, yes, there is such thing as overprotecting your child. The author knows this and takes this to the extreme...way past the extreme...I think it's in Timbukto.

It was a quick read, parts were good. I wouldn't say stay away from it, but just don't expect it to be amazing.