The Forest of Hands and Teeth  - Carrie Ryan I liked this book, I really did. Parts of it, I found myself biting my nails trying to figure out how Mary and her friends would make it out alive. The world in which this book took place made my mind go instantly to the Village (thank you M. Knight). The writer did a great job in describing the villages and the forest we find in this book.

I loved the character of Harry. Hands down - he was my favorite and he got the shit-end of the deal but still didn't waiver from Mary. Travis - I wasn't fond of him when he broke his promise to Mary before the binding ceremony, but the whole section from when they escape the house to after they flee the fire just broke my heart. I really feel for both of these brothers.

Now, for Mary, our so-called heroine. She annoyed the living hell out of me for the majority of the book and I wanted to slap her. Her obsession with the ocean was ridiculous. I get dreaming of a better place, especially when you're living in one like this, but I found that all it did was overrun her thoughts - which did nothing to help her in her current situation, and also ending up costing her in the end.

I'm not sure how I feel about the ending...well, no. I do. I feel like I was left with nothing. I literally just went, "That's it?". I wanted an ending. I want to know what happened to all the other characters that I loved...and the dog. Cause let's be honest, I freaking loved that dog. I do want to read the rest of the series, however, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get my answers just based on what I know the second book is about.